I am closing saving alice down. To work on a different project. Once I have it developed a little I will put a link up here, but it think that most of you will not be interested in the new content.
Thank you for reading, I have enjoyed your comments and thoughts!


Stereotyping is FUN!

It went down like this:
At work pouring drinks Liza looks pissed off.
So I says: You like pissed, what up?
Liza: People always think black people are mad if they're not smiling.
Me: Yup, that's right- it's cuz you black.
Liza: Oh well, people always think I look angry if I'm not smiling.

Later... Pouring drinks again.
Liza: Man, Europeans are always SO nice to me, I don't know why!
Me: It's because of Apartheid. Europeans have a lot of guilt over that.
Liza: Huh? What's that?


3 (or is it 4) degrees of seperation

I met my hairdresser through my ex boyfriends mom. She bought me a gift certificate for a salon I couldn;t dream of affording and sent me to see Trina, the woman who has been doing her hair for years.
Trina was ofcourse freaking awesome.
She is an incredibly talented hair dresser... that seems some how the wrong title.
Trina is a hair God.
No one else on the planet gets to touch my hair.
Not after the last time. When my hair was 2 different lengths. An inch longer on the left side than the right.

Family dinner at the boys.
Turns out my 35 year old hair god is great friends with the boys 20 year old sister.
Did I tell the boys mom why I broke up with the ex?
If I did did she tell the sister.
Will she tell the hair God.
Will the hair God tell the exes mom who already knows because I told her months ago.
A year ago.

A year ago.
What will be said?
And do I care.

I left a year ago.
I smile more.
I'm not as tense.
I have more friends.
I am myself and I have fought to be the person I am today.

And I just want to have a little class.
I just want the past to be past.


The boy and I did a world beer tasting recently.
W picked up a bottle of beer from 6 different countries and then we drank it.
Sometimes we gagged on it.

We liked:
Asahi from Japan
Tusker from Kenya
King Fisher from India

Not so much into the UK beer

What do you guys like? Any suggestions?


If there is a rope

If there is a rope I have probably reached the end of it. Working so much that my mind skips beats. My mouth hangs open in a constant yawn. I have cut the rope. For now. Caught a cold. So am taking well deserved time off from day job.
But mostly I need change. A fresh start. A new beginning to get me through to the end of the summer with a well padded wallet and a few adventures under my belt.

Some places some people just drain energy. And that is my day job. It leaves me empty and frustrated at the same time.

I need some summer sunshine.

Who's Who?

I work in a building full of handicaps.
Staff and clients a like.
It can be hard to tell them apart sometimes.
Thats why they give the staff blue id tags to wear about their necks.
To tell the handicaps, from the stupid people they have hired to watch the handicaps.



I am sorry I have been a neglegent blogger. I am off in the reall world working 60-80 hours/week. Trying to pay off the visas. Set back by $1600 in car repairs this month. Lola needed new tires. Lola need new brakes. Lola needed new struts. Strut mounts were too rusty to attach struts to. New strut mounts. And now Lola is an oil change away from being ready for my greatest adventure yet.... Driving over the mountains and towards the ocean. A visit to my family away from family.
If I could sell a Kidney instead of work so much I think I would.
But being a slave to the almighty buck builds character.

More like builds reality.


I will actually continue a story for once...

Last Friday I returned home to an usually quiet house. Usually Friday nights are a bustle of unGodly noise. The children will be running around with some school friend that is spending the night. The dog will be chasing them barking and snapping at their heels. The TV is on full blast blaring a Hannah Montana video or the latest movie remake of some 80's cartoon- Batman, or Transformers usually. I was a little later than usual, the little hand was just trailing behind 9.
Not wanting to disturb the unusual peace I slipped into the house unnoticed, dropped my bag with a muted thud and slipped out of my sensible kitten heels. I stretched and shook off the days worries. No one was in the kitchen, although the dishwasher hummed on the rinse cycle. The livingroom too was empty, the tv off, toys picked up and put back in their chest. I wondered greatfully up the stairs. All was well. The week had been long and arduous. I was looking forward to a weekend of nothing but kids playing in the backyard while the sprinkler ran, and the bbq grilled every meat and vegetable possible.
The kids rooms were neat and tidy as well. Lola, my 13-year-old, had left her bedroom light on. She did not seem to be home. I rembered that she had a gymnastics party that night. My husband had in a rare turn of events taken the night away from wooing clients and was helping to chaperone the event.
Riley's light was off. I crept up to the room without breathing, not wanting to wake him if he was sleeping. I pushed the door open a crack and it creaked, jarring me, my nanny and my son. Rileys tangle of brown curls had been turned away from me. He was sitting in her lap. Breastfeeding. Riley turns 6 next month.


Some suspense for your weekend...

Have you ever fired your nanny? It's a dreadful task really. For everyone involved. She is the closest person to your children. Closer than you are, though that is horrible to admit. I might be the one to put my children to bed everynight but she is the one who gets them up in the morning, packs their lunches, and drops them off at school. After school she picks them up, helps with their homework, and cooks them dinner. She helps with their homework, listens to their problems, takes them to soccer. I put them to bed every night. I can't help to feel jealous of her, the time she spends with them, but I wouldn't give my job up for anything.
I had to fire her. Lucy. She was 19 when we hired her. Philipino. Mother or 2. She left her kids behind in the Philipines, to come and raise ours. I tried not to feel guilty about that. But I could never quite get over it. Thats probably why I let her get away with so much. I knew she napped while the kids watched tv. I knew she used some of the grocery money to buy the kids McDonalds when she didn't feel like cooking. I even knew that she stole cash from my wallet when I left it out. But I also knew she sent her entire paycheck home for her kids. I never would have expected what happened last Friday...

My New Hair


More Snow

My City, My Street

Just yesterday I was thinking "Gee the brown grass look is getting a little old."

Jokes on me. In my best guesstimate it has snowed around 8 inches today. Which means me and my pinball car, are staying home. No work. No play. Just stuck to the couch doing everything I can to avoid writing the essays that are due monday.

Right now I am watching my rich neighbour and her maid sweep snow of her car. The picture is of her digging the drive way out from under the snow.


Will work for money

Summer is coming and the plan is to work my little behind off. I need to make money. Lots and lots and lots of money. So far I have one job, and one interview, and a childwelfare clearance form on the way. Hopefully I will soon have 3 jobs.

The plan is to have a day job, work 3 days a week serving, and do one day a week of respite care. If I'm lucking, I might even be able to pick up some casual work on the side.

YAY work!!!!!


Nothing Exciting

I have nothing exciting.
Just so many things to do.
So many.

School. Summer job hunting. Applying for a passport. Revamping the resume. School. Work. School. Work.

The only new things in my life are two speeding tickets from the long weekend last month. Both on the way to work. Guess I need to get up a little earlier. Slow down. Enjoy the drive.

Lola, the car, has been sweet to me. She runs well and cheap. Even with gas @ $1.18/L it takes less the $50 to fill the tank. Next year she needs snow tires though. In fresh snow driving Lola is a little scary. She turns into a pinball. Not so much fun. The down side of owning a super light car.


Friday, Friday

6 essays. 4 exams. 4 weeks.
And then summer!!!!
I can't wait to not have to think.




She stands 3 feet tall and full of mischeif. Bright pigtails trail down her back. Large green eyes see everything, remember all words, things you wish would be forgotten. Her red Dora the explorer shirt clashes with the bright pink tutu at her waste. A tiny hand holds a magical wand topped with a delicate star. She is the ruler of her own kingdom. Mom, and Dad, bow to her whims and wails. She has been bribed by enough chocolate and happy meals that it is a certainty that diabetes is less than a year away. Perhaps she is kin to the Queen of Hearts?

I call her Terror.


Is he dead?

Indications say yes.

He makes no sound.

He lies, unmovable.

And they kill him again, and again.

An unruly axe in a passionate hand.

The center of a small universe.


Goes the axe.


Killing the dead man.

All is calm.



I have not thoughts. My mind is numb today. Nothing is possible, except perhaps, drooling, and rocking. Trapped in a shell, not like a not… more like a soft taco, filled with meat, bones left in. I would be work to eat, to get, to understand. If you can find me.


YCJA Youth Criminal Justice Act

Right now I am in the middle of a project that requires a lot of self-educating regarding th YCJA. And wouldn't you know, Right now Stephen Harper is preparing on non-confidence vote on the same subject.
Do you know what I've learned so far?
Media sensatiolizes violent crimes commited by youth.
A youth is most often only moved to adult court because of political pressure... usually created by the media's sensatiolization of violent crimes committed by youth.
The general public is absolutely ignorant regarding knowledge of the law and how it applies to youth.
Many people are under the impression that youth justice is still guided by The Young Offenders Act. Which was abolished in 2000. And Replaced with the YCJA.
Many people blame the parents for lack of control.
Youths sentenced to prison time, especially extensive prison time are more likely to reoffend.

Follow this link to say Canadian ignorance in action... www.ctv.ca/servlet/articlenews/story/ctvnews/20071119/crime_bill_071119

I am particulary fond of the feed back from the 18, and 17 year olds who believe that poor parenting is the main cause of youth delinquency. They made me laugh.

My Cats are Weird



Liscense Plate

Having never owned a vehicle before I was presented with a brand spanking new plate upon registering Lola.
"Is this okay" the nice lady asked, as she handed me the plate.
"Are you serious?" I reply, "People turn them down?"
"You'd be surprised."

My plate number is something like "MCY 539".

"Now that you mention it. I have an allergy to "5's" I think I will need a different plate after all. Sorry. Also, 2's, the letter "f" and anything with a tail is a no go."

The nice lady looked at me, and smiled. I think she's heard that one before?

Oh well.

And the whole thing got me thinking, there are things that you will never see on a liscense plate: sex, jew, cox. There are things I wouldn't want mine to spell out: fug, pay, 666, 333, nut, ton, things like that. I was shocked to see a plate the other day that read "leb". I think I would turn that down too.

I wonder who decides what combinations shouldn't be printed????

Riding the Chicken Update

Destiny broke 2 ribs falling of the chicken. Poor, poor Destiny.


Bringing Back Cute

That is what our presentation will be about. Cute Comics.
It is going to be awesome. We are baking gingerbreadmen. and that will be awesome too.
We are going to try to actually engage the class. Something that so many presentations forget. But the question is how? How do you make a bunch of apathetic 20 somethings interact in there own learning?

I'm thinking bribery. Prizes. And sex.
Sex always sells.

Any ideas?


The Night Destiny Lived Out Her Dream of Riding The Chicken And I Did It Too Because It Seemed Like a Good Idea at The TIme

Destiny and Me
The only picture of me and Roar
Destiny Triumphs, Life will never be the same. (You should see the bruise she got from falling off the chicken)
This is not a sexy picture. (I made Roar help get me down. That's why I have no hideously large bruises like Dest does)

I'm Getting A CAR!!!

It's a 91 Mazda 323.
It is blue and that rust color. (the rust color is actually rust)
The inside is filthy.
The door handle on the inside passanger door was accidentally removed.
It has dummy locks.
It will be $150 a month to insure.
The doors don't shut properly so it leaks when it rains. And you can't listen to music when driving over 70km/h, because between the car running loud and the air in the door that doesn't quite shut, you just can't hear it.
The struts on the hatchback are shot, so we are replacing them.
And it burns oil.
Oh and the windsheild wiper fluid flies over the car.

Did I mention it was FREE?
I am SO ridiculously happy!
I will get to sleep in longer, and never have to worry about the bus being on time or walking down to 17th to hail a cab EVER AGAIN! (cross your fingers for me, it is an old car)
Yesterday I called in Period. They made me go to work anyways. Personally I think that if my period makes my stomache hurt worse than any migraine I've ever had, if it makes me naucious, if I can hardly walk or stand up straight, if it takes 2 migraine strength Ibuprofen to make it all go away, followed by 2 more 3 hours later, I should get to stay home curled up around a hot water bottle and eat cupcakes.

Oh well, work was almost worth overdosing on painkillers. It was steady but not slammed. And the boss only picked on me for whining a little.



The last few days have been digustingly cold. Stay home and snuggle with your lover cold. Unfortunately mines out of town. Which left me with the cats. The annoying one, who is always insisting his food bowl is empty, even when it is full. And the HUGE one, the one who everyone insists is part cougar, or something, the one who spent a full 10 hours lying in my clean laundry. I know cause I was glued to the couch the laundry basket was sitting beside.
After a month and a half away from classes, school is back in full swing, and this time, away from the fuckupidness that was the disaster of the ending of my previous relationship, I'm settling in quite nicely. I'm not just caught up, I'm ahead.
Now I just have to add healthy eating and 3 trips a week to the gym into the schedule and I will be quite content with the person I have become.
Oh and I need to write more. So I will try. And it will be easier to keep you updated because I am getting internet @ home on Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!