Random Thoughts!

I wish I'd worn my contacts today... I need to go back to lens crafters and have my glasses adjusted to fit my teenie tiny head... again, and then I need to remember not to lie on the things and bend them out of their teenie tiny shape.

I am trying to eat healthy but I am having trouble finding that balance between too little and too much. So I end up under/over eating. So weird. And water, now that I drink 8-12 glasses of water a day- I'm thirsty all the time! How the hell does that work?

I am buying myself a new bed for boxing day! Cant wait!

What else is new?

Starting bartending school soon, hoping to get a job where people actually tip. Then I'm going to work all christmas and hopefully make enough money for afore mentioned bed.

Getting my hair done at that place that is WAY too expensive by that girl who does a FANTASTIC job. But is rough on my skull. BUT she does a FANTASTIC job. What should I have done? Any Ideas? I'm not cutting more than 3 inches off my hair.

Have Homework I should be doing now instead of this.

Am taking Kickboxercise!!! it is awesome!!!! I get to kick things!!!!!

Have a good weekend everybody!!! Hopefully I will too! I need to relieve some tension... maybe... SHOPPING!!!