The Exam Went Well

I guess I'm glad I didn't get run over after all.

Realizing she has a fan base... Sarah, Allie is going to try to post more regularly... might need some metamucil first

I was almost run over this morning. In a crosswalk. The car slowly drove toward me until I realized that if I took one more step, if she drove one more foot, I would be bouncing of the hood of the beater her daddy obviously didn't buy her. Gotta respect that at least. I did the usual arms slightly shrugged "WHAT THE FUCK." She dipped her head apologetically and drove off into the student lot.

I wanted to chase after her. But. It's early. And that would only be bad news.

Should have kicked the car as it went by.

Should have let her hit me.... I have a midterm this morning.
And she was driving slowly.