YCJA Youth Criminal Justice Act

Right now I am in the middle of a project that requires a lot of self-educating regarding th YCJA. And wouldn't you know, Right now Stephen Harper is preparing on non-confidence vote on the same subject.
Do you know what I've learned so far?
Media sensatiolizes violent crimes commited by youth.
A youth is most often only moved to adult court because of political pressure... usually created by the media's sensatiolization of violent crimes committed by youth.
The general public is absolutely ignorant regarding knowledge of the law and how it applies to youth.
Many people are under the impression that youth justice is still guided by The Young Offenders Act. Which was abolished in 2000. And Replaced with the YCJA.
Many people blame the parents for lack of control.
Youths sentenced to prison time, especially extensive prison time are more likely to reoffend.

Follow this link to say Canadian ignorance in action... www.ctv.ca/servlet/articlenews/story/ctvnews/20071119/crime_bill_071119

I am particulary fond of the feed back from the 18, and 17 year olds who believe that poor parenting is the main cause of youth delinquency. They made me laugh.

My Cats are Weird



Liscense Plate

Having never owned a vehicle before I was presented with a brand spanking new plate upon registering Lola.
"Is this okay" the nice lady asked, as she handed me the plate.
"Are you serious?" I reply, "People turn them down?"
"You'd be surprised."

My plate number is something like "MCY 539".

"Now that you mention it. I have an allergy to "5's" I think I will need a different plate after all. Sorry. Also, 2's, the letter "f" and anything with a tail is a no go."

The nice lady looked at me, and smiled. I think she's heard that one before?

Oh well.

And the whole thing got me thinking, there are things that you will never see on a liscense plate: sex, jew, cox. There are things I wouldn't want mine to spell out: fug, pay, 666, 333, nut, ton, things like that. I was shocked to see a plate the other day that read "leb". I think I would turn that down too.

I wonder who decides what combinations shouldn't be printed????

Riding the Chicken Update

Destiny broke 2 ribs falling of the chicken. Poor, poor Destiny.


Bringing Back Cute

That is what our presentation will be about. Cute Comics.
It is going to be awesome. We are baking gingerbreadmen. and that will be awesome too.
We are going to try to actually engage the class. Something that so many presentations forget. But the question is how? How do you make a bunch of apathetic 20 somethings interact in there own learning?

I'm thinking bribery. Prizes. And sex.
Sex always sells.

Any ideas?


The Night Destiny Lived Out Her Dream of Riding The Chicken And I Did It Too Because It Seemed Like a Good Idea at The TIme

Destiny and Me
The only picture of me and Roar
Destiny Triumphs, Life will never be the same. (You should see the bruise she got from falling off the chicken)
This is not a sexy picture. (I made Roar help get me down. That's why I have no hideously large bruises like Dest does)

I'm Getting A CAR!!!

It's a 91 Mazda 323.
It is blue and that rust color. (the rust color is actually rust)
The inside is filthy.
The door handle on the inside passanger door was accidentally removed.
It has dummy locks.
It will be $150 a month to insure.
The doors don't shut properly so it leaks when it rains. And you can't listen to music when driving over 70km/h, because between the car running loud and the air in the door that doesn't quite shut, you just can't hear it.
The struts on the hatchback are shot, so we are replacing them.
And it burns oil.
Oh and the windsheild wiper fluid flies over the car.

Did I mention it was FREE?
I am SO ridiculously happy!
I will get to sleep in longer, and never have to worry about the bus being on time or walking down to 17th to hail a cab EVER AGAIN! (cross your fingers for me, it is an old car)
Yesterday I called in Period. They made me go to work anyways. Personally I think that if my period makes my stomache hurt worse than any migraine I've ever had, if it makes me naucious, if I can hardly walk or stand up straight, if it takes 2 migraine strength Ibuprofen to make it all go away, followed by 2 more 3 hours later, I should get to stay home curled up around a hot water bottle and eat cupcakes.

Oh well, work was almost worth overdosing on painkillers. It was steady but not slammed. And the boss only picked on me for whining a little.



The last few days have been digustingly cold. Stay home and snuggle with your lover cold. Unfortunately mines out of town. Which left me with the cats. The annoying one, who is always insisting his food bowl is empty, even when it is full. And the HUGE one, the one who everyone insists is part cougar, or something, the one who spent a full 10 hours lying in my clean laundry. I know cause I was glued to the couch the laundry basket was sitting beside.
After a month and a half away from classes, school is back in full swing, and this time, away from the fuckupidness that was the disaster of the ending of my previous relationship, I'm settling in quite nicely. I'm not just caught up, I'm ahead.
Now I just have to add healthy eating and 3 trips a week to the gym into the schedule and I will be quite content with the person I have become.
Oh and I need to write more. So I will try. And it will be easier to keep you updated because I am getting internet @ home on Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!