Today I was sitting with my old roommate. I had gone over to get my damage deposit and decided to sit for a bit and chill because I was bored and had some time to blow. We exchanged pleasentries, she gave me a piece of cake and I sat on the couch and tried to get a word out every now and then. She talks, alot. She speaks quickly as if I am going to interrupt her, as if that would be possible, and when she runs out of breath she sucks air in quickly, loudly, and begins again. "My sister Hilary has applied at NAIT and I am thinking about giving her my computer if my dad can get it working, or maybe I will sell it, I could probably get a few hundred for it and Hilary will probably need a better computer for school anyway, if she gets into the graffic design program, and I don't even know if my dad will be able to fix it" DEEP BREATH "He said bring it next time I visit and he will take a look at it, that's what he said, my dad can fizx just about anything, cars, computers, he did all the renovations on their house, my mom wishes he would finish one job before he started the next. But that is just the way he is, all over the place, hopping from one thing to the next." DEEP BREATH "Hilary should get into the graphic design program though, she is really talented. Have I shown you here work? She said I could have a few prints if I want but I haven't picked them out yet. Her and Steve have started a box for me. They said that they would give me an Ipod and some movies, that's what they said, and I'll take whatever they want to give me, I'm a poor student." DEEP BREATH. And in between thinking KILL ME NOW and SHUT UP, JUST SHUT UP, I saw us sitting as a scene in a play.

While I'm not sure how the play would end, I can say that some one would be dead by the time the curtain fell to the applause.