The last few days have been digustingly cold. Stay home and snuggle with your lover cold. Unfortunately mines out of town. Which left me with the cats. The annoying one, who is always insisting his food bowl is empty, even when it is full. And the HUGE one, the one who everyone insists is part cougar, or something, the one who spent a full 10 hours lying in my clean laundry. I know cause I was glued to the couch the laundry basket was sitting beside.
After a month and a half away from classes, school is back in full swing, and this time, away from the fuckupidness that was the disaster of the ending of my previous relationship, I'm settling in quite nicely. I'm not just caught up, I'm ahead.
Now I just have to add healthy eating and 3 trips a week to the gym into the schedule and I will be quite content with the person I have become.
Oh and I need to write more. So I will try. And it will be easier to keep you updated because I am getting internet @ home on Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!