Liscense Plate

Having never owned a vehicle before I was presented with a brand spanking new plate upon registering Lola.
"Is this okay" the nice lady asked, as she handed me the plate.
"Are you serious?" I reply, "People turn them down?"
"You'd be surprised."

My plate number is something like "MCY 539".

"Now that you mention it. I have an allergy to "5's" I think I will need a different plate after all. Sorry. Also, 2's, the letter "f" and anything with a tail is a no go."

The nice lady looked at me, and smiled. I think she's heard that one before?

Oh well.

And the whole thing got me thinking, there are things that you will never see on a liscense plate: sex, jew, cox. There are things I wouldn't want mine to spell out: fug, pay, 666, 333, nut, ton, things like that. I was shocked to see a plate the other day that read "leb". I think I would turn that down too.

I wonder who decides what combinations shouldn't be printed????

Riding the Chicken Update

Destiny broke 2 ribs falling of the chicken. Poor, poor Destiny.