*8* more random things about me!

I'm writing them in reverse this time so I don't go over the limit.

8. As far as toes go, mine are pretty darn cute.

7. I love romance novels... perhaps addicted is a better word

6. HATE job hunting

5. Can stand only green, orange pekoe and chai lattes as far as tea goes. Everything else tastes too much like perfume.

4. Am super scatter-brained and always double check anything that is important on fear of forgetting something.

3. Don't always know when to keep my mouth shut... but really, who does?

2. Have just started letting the cats out on to the balcony and watch the spastic little boogers like a hawk. The flies drive River nuts and I'm afraid he might jump off trying to catch them, but Bosley is content to just chill and sit by me, he is the needier of the two.

... I don't think I have anything else right now....


1. Like spontaniety but am mellowing with age... I hope