Yesterday my class had a long and passionate discussion about what art is... I mean one dude was almost shouting because his idea of what art is did not Jive with everyone else's. WOW.

Art is personal. It is intention. An expression. A craft. It has no solid definition to the masses, not here, not in Canada. Here in Canada art is that dirty little secret.

The other day someone said to me: "Don't Laugh... my real dream is to write a book. I want to write."

It is that tooth that you put under your pillow and hope for money to appear in return.
It is uncomfortable.
It is growth.
It is discovering yourself and your potential and sharing it with the world, or keeping it to yourself.

It's not porn.
It's burlesque.

It is what I want to create and have you praise.
It is entertainment.
It is ever-changing and malleable and...
to some people
it is everything.