If there is a rope

If there is a rope I have probably reached the end of it. Working so much that my mind skips beats. My mouth hangs open in a constant yawn. I have cut the rope. For now. Caught a cold. So am taking well deserved time off from day job.
But mostly I need change. A fresh start. A new beginning to get me through to the end of the summer with a well padded wallet and a few adventures under my belt.

Some places some people just drain energy. And that is my day job. It leaves me empty and frustrated at the same time.

I need some summer sunshine.

Who's Who?

I work in a building full of handicaps.
Staff and clients a like.
It can be hard to tell them apart sometimes.
Thats why they give the staff blue id tags to wear about their necks.
To tell the handicaps, from the stupid people they have hired to watch the handicaps.