I will actually continue a story for once...

Last Friday I returned home to an usually quiet house. Usually Friday nights are a bustle of unGodly noise. The children will be running around with some school friend that is spending the night. The dog will be chasing them barking and snapping at their heels. The TV is on full blast blaring a Hannah Montana video or the latest movie remake of some 80's cartoon- Batman, or Transformers usually. I was a little later than usual, the little hand was just trailing behind 9.
Not wanting to disturb the unusual peace I slipped into the house unnoticed, dropped my bag with a muted thud and slipped out of my sensible kitten heels. I stretched and shook off the days worries. No one was in the kitchen, although the dishwasher hummed on the rinse cycle. The livingroom too was empty, the tv off, toys picked up and put back in their chest. I wondered greatfully up the stairs. All was well. The week had been long and arduous. I was looking forward to a weekend of nothing but kids playing in the backyard while the sprinkler ran, and the bbq grilled every meat and vegetable possible.
The kids rooms were neat and tidy as well. Lola, my 13-year-old, had left her bedroom light on. She did not seem to be home. I rembered that she had a gymnastics party that night. My husband had in a rare turn of events taken the night away from wooing clients and was helping to chaperone the event.
Riley's light was off. I crept up to the room without breathing, not wanting to wake him if he was sleeping. I pushed the door open a crack and it creaked, jarring me, my nanny and my son. Rileys tangle of brown curls had been turned away from me. He was sitting in her lap. Breastfeeding. Riley turns 6 next month.


Some suspense for your weekend...

Have you ever fired your nanny? It's a dreadful task really. For everyone involved. She is the closest person to your children. Closer than you are, though that is horrible to admit. I might be the one to put my children to bed everynight but she is the one who gets them up in the morning, packs their lunches, and drops them off at school. After school she picks them up, helps with their homework, and cooks them dinner. She helps with their homework, listens to their problems, takes them to soccer. I put them to bed every night. I can't help to feel jealous of her, the time she spends with them, but I wouldn't give my job up for anything.
I had to fire her. Lucy. She was 19 when we hired her. Philipino. Mother or 2. She left her kids behind in the Philipines, to come and raise ours. I tried not to feel guilty about that. But I could never quite get over it. Thats probably why I let her get away with so much. I knew she napped while the kids watched tv. I knew she used some of the grocery money to buy the kids McDonalds when she didn't feel like cooking. I even knew that she stole cash from my wallet when I left it out. But I also knew she sent her entire paycheck home for her kids. I never would have expected what happened last Friday...

My New Hair


More Snow

My City, My Street

Just yesterday I was thinking "Gee the brown grass look is getting a little old."

Jokes on me. In my best guesstimate it has snowed around 8 inches today. Which means me and my pinball car, are staying home. No work. No play. Just stuck to the couch doing everything I can to avoid writing the essays that are due monday.

Right now I am watching my rich neighbour and her maid sweep snow of her car. The picture is of her digging the drive way out from under the snow.


Will work for money

Summer is coming and the plan is to work my little behind off. I need to make money. Lots and lots and lots of money. So far I have one job, and one interview, and a childwelfare clearance form on the way. Hopefully I will soon have 3 jobs.

The plan is to have a day job, work 3 days a week serving, and do one day a week of respite care. If I'm lucking, I might even be able to pick up some casual work on the side.

YAY work!!!!!


Nothing Exciting

I have nothing exciting.
Just so many things to do.
So many.

School. Summer job hunting. Applying for a passport. Revamping the resume. School. Work. School. Work.

The only new things in my life are two speeding tickets from the long weekend last month. Both on the way to work. Guess I need to get up a little earlier. Slow down. Enjoy the drive.

Lola, the car, has been sweet to me. She runs well and cheap. Even with gas @ $1.18/L it takes less the $50 to fill the tank. Next year she needs snow tires though. In fresh snow driving Lola is a little scary. She turns into a pinball. Not so much fun. The down side of owning a super light car.


Friday, Friday

6 essays. 4 exams. 4 weeks.
And then summer!!!!
I can't wait to not have to think.