3 (or is it 4) degrees of seperation

I met my hairdresser through my ex boyfriends mom. She bought me a gift certificate for a salon I couldn;t dream of affording and sent me to see Trina, the woman who has been doing her hair for years.
Trina was ofcourse freaking awesome.
She is an incredibly talented hair dresser... that seems some how the wrong title.
Trina is a hair God.
No one else on the planet gets to touch my hair.
Not after the last time. When my hair was 2 different lengths. An inch longer on the left side than the right.

Family dinner at the boys.
Turns out my 35 year old hair god is great friends with the boys 20 year old sister.
Did I tell the boys mom why I broke up with the ex?
If I did did she tell the sister.
Will she tell the hair God.
Will the hair God tell the exes mom who already knows because I told her months ago.
A year ago.

A year ago.
What will be said?
And do I care.

I left a year ago.
I smile more.
I'm not as tense.
I have more friends.
I am myself and I have fought to be the person I am today.

And I just want to have a little class.
I just want the past to be past.

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