am i a writer if the pen never hits the page and the fingers miss the keys?

It has been a long time since i wrote. too long. For some reason lately I will start to write something and then it feels all wrong and I erase it and do something else. I think maybe it's because i have so much and so little to say. Thoughts go round and round in my head and then I'm not sure if I want to share those pieces of myself. Or keep them private. Does it add or detract from my strength? hard to say. Perhaps the words just needed to wait for the right time.
A lot of things are a changing for me right now. I am leaving my summer job that went from a 2 week position to a 4 month term. I am going to visit my very best friend and her family and then I will be working for my dad for 2 weeks and then school starts.
Working for my dad has been a challenge lately. He has two live in developmentally delayed dudes, and I do relief work for him. One guy is 57 and acts like a mostly well behaved 5 year old. The other is 40, autistic, and with a recent change in meds is now at the terrible twos. Before his drugs kept him pretty bogged down and easy to get along with. Now he is more alert and self sufficient. The down side is he has learned the word "NO".
Our daily battles this weekend have gone like this:
"Bill time to get up." NO
"Bill time for a bath." NO (he has recently decided against bathing.)
"Bill time to get dressed." NO
and my favorite... "Bill put your shoes on." NO
and then later "Bill take your shoes off." NO
And then when we finally do leave the house is cheerful and flirty and giggly.
The upside of all this is he used to have tantrums and throw his toys around when something bothered him, and i havent seen any of that lately.
Just the word NO.

And as I am no longer with the boy I don't have the extra help I used to with the guys. It has become a lot more work.

I think I'll wrap up now before this post becomes so long that you look at it and your eyes glaze over at the length of my verbal diarhea. Have a good week!