Yesterdays Free Write

Pen to page.
Skeevy pirates,
A parrot would talk to much.
Would lack impulse control.
Kinda like me.

Dicipline. No I do not want to teach.
Not big. Not small. Not teach at all.

I am wondering how long it takes to become. How long I can last like this:
I burn the candle at all ends.

I allude sleep. And it in turn alludes me.

I wrote a poem in the shower. In my head. It almost slipped away. Instead I just looked slightly foolish. I hate the "You're writing poetry?" Words work, twist, splay, and turn. Splish tare, and bare.

They leave everything naked to anothers eyes and judgement.

It's all relevant


Update on Lil' Preggo

After playing a used woman turned stripper, Lil Preggo's newest role is Pregnant Hooker.
I love it.
Except for this time she gets to keep her clothes on... but maybe it will be more appropriate to cat call?

I am so going to be the one yelling "Ya Mommy!" from the audience :P


All is fair

Started classes yesterday and became quickly bored out of my mind by the in depth reading of course outlines. Arg.

Poetry class looks good tho. Even tho I am the worst poet EVER, I love workshopping, it is so educational. It looks like there is going to be a good group.

My problem is my poetry often ends up looking to much like prose.

For example, somehow I want to turn the following into a poem:

I study sex every chance I get.
That is to say I'm a scorpio.
"Same thing."

Probably I'll add some random facts that I've learned over my last year of studies regarding western sexualities. Like that clitorectomies were used as lates as the 1950's to cure small girls from masterbation. Or that video killed the stripping industry. Oh, and my all time favorite, that Canada Customs has control over the media allowed into the country, and decides what is indecent. Customs. LAME.

Fun stuff like that.

What do you think?
Anyone have any fun facts?


I am lame

I am weird. Probably you all know that. I went to Seattle. It rocked. It was a long day. And I felt a little guilty for requesting it and then napping the whole way there, and most of the way back. My bestfriends dad drove us out. Showed us the sights. It was his day off, and I did, do feel guilty for monopoplizing it. It was part of the being spoiled on my vacation. Whatever I wanted I got. And I am grateful for it.

But back to Seattle and my being weird.

For the week before my vacation I went ON AND ON AND ON about visiting my meca, the birthplace of ....STARBUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wanted to go, get my picture taken and just soak in the beauty of the original corporate blackhole that is Starbucks. It was right at Pike Place Market, where we were to spend our morning.

We got there. I looked inside. It was busy, full of people. I didn't go in. My friend took my picture. Her dad asked if we were going in. I said no. Too busy. Don't like crowds. I stepped in. Grabbed a mug, paid in the quickest moving Starbucks line EVER. And left.

Meca visited. Mission accomplished.

I love my mug!


Quiet Moment for Random Thoughts

It is funny when there is no noise. When the house falls silent. At home that never happens, there is the sound of traffic, neighbours moving behind thin walls and above me, two pyschotic cats running rampant, racing, raucious. Here there is silence, but for the sound of humming lights and moving air.

Can you imagine the mess of a motorcycle hitting a deer, a moose?
I don't like motorcycles. I can see how they would be exhilarating, but they scare me. To drive next to, to pass. And my biggest driving pet peeve is the biker that zips up behind, then to the side, and is suddenly passing the person in front of you.

A venti non fat no foam tazo chai contains approx. 320 calories, thats 100 more than a slim fast shake. It is recommended that you intake a minimum of 300 calories for breakfast to get the metabolism going.

Give blood. It takes little time and makes a world of difference.

Everyone has cancer. It is scary. A few of my friends parents are fighting it. It makes me worry about my own. It makes me worry about my friends.

The tip of the tongue the teeth the lips.

I downloaded Courtney Jaye's "Can't Behave" for my ringtone. LOVE IT! I need new music. Current fave is Timbalands "The Way I Are". I know, I'm a pop music slut. Current least fave is Fergie's #1 hit, can't remember what it's called, something about being a big girl and not crying, or out growing diapers.