YCJA Youth Criminal Justice Act

Right now I am in the middle of a project that requires a lot of self-educating regarding th YCJA. And wouldn't you know, Right now Stephen Harper is preparing on non-confidence vote on the same subject.
Do you know what I've learned so far?
Media sensatiolizes violent crimes commited by youth.
A youth is most often only moved to adult court because of political pressure... usually created by the media's sensatiolization of violent crimes committed by youth.
The general public is absolutely ignorant regarding knowledge of the law and how it applies to youth.
Many people are under the impression that youth justice is still guided by The Young Offenders Act. Which was abolished in 2000. And Replaced with the YCJA.
Many people blame the parents for lack of control.
Youths sentenced to prison time, especially extensive prison time are more likely to reoffend.

Follow this link to say Canadian ignorance in action... www.ctv.ca/servlet/articlenews/story/ctvnews/20071119/crime_bill_071119

I am particulary fond of the feed back from the 18, and 17 year olds who believe that poor parenting is the main cause of youth delinquency. They made me laugh.

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