Went somewhere, Did somethings

First off, it is way to fucking early.
Lately I get to wake up at 5:30. In the morning.
Argh. I want my bed and a new pillow that isn't like a brick to lay my head on. I hate my pillow. It is a $10 pillow from Walmart. Serves me right.

Went to Vancouver saw my bestest friend and her family....
didn't want to leave.
Declared myself Godmom of her babies.
Now I have to remember their birthdays... I don't even remember my nieces and nefiews birthdays. Crap.

Flying hurts my brain. I yawned the whole way their and back trying to relieve the pressure. Didn't work.

Richmond is beautiful. Love it. Want to move there and by a condo directly over Starbucks. Actually I think that's in Steveston. I saw Starbucks and shouted with joy. Seriously. I am a Starbucks addict. And they had breakfast sandwiches that were AMAZING. Can't wait

Learned a little, about the boy.

Didn't sleep much.

Waited around a bit for hung over people.

Flew first class baby. Stretched my legs. Drank a little. Watched TV. Declined the hot towel.

Took LOTS of pictures.

Got home late.

Am really tired.

Saw the ocean. (while driving to the airport.) (and the dike by Steveston) LAME-0

Will return.