The Night Destiny Lived Out Her Dream of Riding The Chicken And I Did It Too Because It Seemed Like a Good Idea at The TIme

Destiny and Me
The only picture of me and Roar
Destiny Triumphs, Life will never be the same. (You should see the bruise she got from falling off the chicken)
This is not a sexy picture. (I made Roar help get me down. That's why I have no hideously large bruises like Dest does)

I'm Getting A CAR!!!

It's a 91 Mazda 323.
It is blue and that rust color. (the rust color is actually rust)
The inside is filthy.
The door handle on the inside passanger door was accidentally removed.
It has dummy locks.
It will be $150 a month to insure.
The doors don't shut properly so it leaks when it rains. And you can't listen to music when driving over 70km/h, because between the car running loud and the air in the door that doesn't quite shut, you just can't hear it.
The struts on the hatchback are shot, so we are replacing them.
And it burns oil.
Oh and the windsheild wiper fluid flies over the car.

Did I mention it was FREE?
I am SO ridiculously happy!
I will get to sleep in longer, and never have to worry about the bus being on time or walking down to 17th to hail a cab EVER AGAIN! (cross your fingers for me, it is an old car)
Yesterday I called in Period. They made me go to work anyways. Personally I think that if my period makes my stomache hurt worse than any migraine I've ever had, if it makes me naucious, if I can hardly walk or stand up straight, if it takes 2 migraine strength Ibuprofen to make it all go away, followed by 2 more 3 hours later, I should get to stay home curled up around a hot water bottle and eat cupcakes.

Oh well, work was almost worth overdosing on painkillers. It was steady but not slammed. And the boss only picked on me for whining a little.