All is fair

Started classes yesterday and became quickly bored out of my mind by the in depth reading of course outlines. Arg.

Poetry class looks good tho. Even tho I am the worst poet EVER, I love workshopping, it is so educational. It looks like there is going to be a good group.

My problem is my poetry often ends up looking to much like prose.

For example, somehow I want to turn the following into a poem:

I study sex every chance I get.
That is to say I'm a scorpio.
"Same thing."

Probably I'll add some random facts that I've learned over my last year of studies regarding western sexualities. Like that clitorectomies were used as lates as the 1950's to cure small girls from masterbation. Or that video killed the stripping industry. Oh, and my all time favorite, that Canada Customs has control over the media allowed into the country, and decides what is indecent. Customs. LAME.

Fun stuff like that.

What do you think?
Anyone have any fun facts?