*8* more random things about me!

I'm writing them in reverse this time so I don't go over the limit.

8. As far as toes go, mine are pretty darn cute.

7. I love romance novels... perhaps addicted is a better word

6. HATE job hunting

5. Can stand only green, orange pekoe and chai lattes as far as tea goes. Everything else tastes too much like perfume.

4. Am super scatter-brained and always double check anything that is important on fear of forgetting something.

3. Don't always know when to keep my mouth shut... but really, who does?

2. Have just started letting the cats out on to the balcony and watch the spastic little boogers like a hawk. The flies drive River nuts and I'm afraid he might jump off trying to catch them, but Bosley is content to just chill and sit by me, he is the needier of the two.

... I don't think I have anything else right now....


1. Like spontaniety but am mellowing with age... I hope


Just Wow

My super cute, super pregnant... ok newly second trimester, stripper... ok played a stripper in a play, friend and I went to Walmart for no reason other to get out of the house. I picked up sweet chili sauce and bug spray. We got in line at the self serve tills and lil'prego went to find some child size glasses to fit her little face. She is one of those super petite girls who is going to look hilariously disproportionate during trimester 3. I can't wait to make fun of her. The line behind me was filling up the aisle and some guy was trying to cut in line so I went and stood next to the till that looked like it would be available next. I chilled their and thought about dashing of to grab the new Cosmo (yes it is trash but I LOVE it) when lil' prego came back looking for me. I waved her over and oohed and awed over her tiny sunglasses.


The voice of the woman at the till was shrill. We looked at her.

"Do you mind? You're supposed to wait back there."

"Oh? I think we'll just wait here thanks." I said

She huffed and went about paying. She glared at me on her way out.

"Have a fantabulous evening!" I couldn't resist, not when lil' preggo had my back.

She huffed. "You need to learn some manners!"

"Really?" I said. "I can't believe you think we should learn some manners when your mother obviously didn't teach you any."

Lil' preggo broke out in laughter.

Ya, so I wasn't nice,but wow. Just wow. If she wanted some space she could have just asked us nicely to move. It's not like I'm hard to get along with when I'm spoken to with respect. I just don't enjoy being spazzed on for no reason.

At least it makes for a good story.

Tired Addled Brain

My brain is thinking tired, addled thoughts. I woke up last night to my cat settling in for a snuggle. He presses his head up against my cheek and throws an arm over my neck. I get drooled on a lot but it's worth it. Next thing it's morning. The alarm is slowly catching my attention. The boy has it on low. If it was just me it would be at an audible sound level, but hey, I'm not the one who has to be to work by 6. Jump up. Blink. Wander to bathroom to wash face. Find clothes. Put on. Wake the boy. Grab 4 bags of garbage of deck. Put outside apartment door. Put shoes on. Wash hands. Feed cats. Wander dawn 3 flights of stairs. No elevator. Outside with 2 weeks of garbage. Yummy.

At work. Sitting at desk. Is 5:58am. Am 2 hours early. Equals 2 hours OT.
YAY me!


7 Random Things About Me

1. I have a dime sized birthmark on my right wrist.

2. I can tell the Olsen twins apart.

3. My part time job is hanging out with the developmentally delayed.

4. I have 4 brothers and no sisters.
My parents both have 4 siblings and my older brother has 5 kids. I am not having 5 kids. NOT. I am getting my tubes tied after 2.

5. I am not a fan of Shakespeare.

6. I hate stupidity. It is annoying.

7. I can touch my tongue to my nose.

8. I love the way the word "whore" sounds in Afrikan. It's pretty.

Still Here

I still have my old job, am still looking for a new job and have a dream like fantasy of a job that would be perfect for me if only the hours can be exactly what I want/need them to be due to school. I HAVE A DREAM...

Dreams are healthy, they initiate change, they motivate, they inspire...
They can leave us crushed and disapointed.
So, the trick is to have a dream and let uplift you but also be a realist

cross your fingers for me because I hate job hunting


McKinnon Flats

I need a job

So in true stubborn fashion I am holding out for something that I may actually like. HA.